5 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care When You Need it the Most During the Holiday Season

These past few weeks have been ups and downs. This is normal for me because of holidays and less sun with the shorter days( Yes, even in San Diego).

The days that are hardest to practice self care are likely to be the days you need it most.Holidays are known for cheer and joy, it is rarely public how often holidays can cause other emotions like sadness or grief. Holidays are also known for celebrating, drinking and eating seasonal goodies. For me all this needs to be done in moderation but it’s hard and sometimes we get carried away. And I forget to nourish my body, mind and spirt because of how busy times get with friends and family.

On the days that I just wanna stay in bed, just wanna binge watch tv or have these constant thoughts of negative self talk- are the days that I need the most self care and even though those days are the hardest to practice it there are the days I need it most because all I wanna do is retreat and hide and stay in bed.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care When You Need it the Most During the Holiday Season:

1) Check in. Notice. Bring awareness to what is going on in your mind, to your body and with your spirit. Ask yourself are all three in harmony? Is there something I could be doing more of? More movement for my body? Or better nutrition? Is my mind calm? Or is it loud and full of negative self talk? Am I finding my spiritual connection through rituals like prayer and meditation? Do I need more or less of these things?

2) Think about how much Energy you have to Practice Self Care. The way I like to think about it is there are acts of self care that take more or less energy. On days that I do not want to practice self care I choose the activities that take less energy/ effort. These include meditating with my Young Living essential oils (or just wearing them with intention really some of my favorite are stress away, lavender and lemon), cuddling with my pup, taking a bath with Young Living essential oils (lavender and stress a way) and epsom salt, taking a nap, talking to a friend or loved one, or practicing gentle yoga. On days that I am energized I go for a run, I meet up with friends in person, I cook or bake something new that I haven’t tried before.

3) Set Healthy Boundaries with People. Honor and be gentle with yourself. Be mindful of where your energy is going and what you are doing this Holiday Season. I often find myself dedicating too much time to socializing and social events and not enough time to myself for recharging and self care. I know how hard it is to say “No” this time of year or for me most of the year really. Especially with things like FOMO (fear of missing out) hah that feeling is all too real especially with social media these days.

If saying “no” doesn’t feel right to you as it does not always for me. I consider going for part of the time instead of the whole time. That way I can still take some time before or after to practice self care and not feel rushed (feeling rushed is a big thing for me, and I like to give myself lots of time in between things to slow down).

Also, going to those events might be a form of self care! If you find those events re-energizing and in good company keep doing that and going. Just like the first tip of checking in, do that and do it constantly. 🙂

4)Make a Plan of Action. After checking in pick one, two or three small acts of self care you want to practice. The way I like to think about it is there are acts of self care that take more or less energy. On days that I do not want to practice self care I choose the activities that take less energy/ effort. These include meditating with essential oils, cuddling with my pup, taking a nap, talking to a friend or loved one.

5) Practice it. Do something for yourself now that your future self will thank you for. Even if it is 2 minutes of meditation or 10 deep breathes. Do it. Even though you are fighting it. Do it. Even if it is just cuddling with your pet or a loved one. It counts. These little things will add up. When I keep doing things that make me happy even though at the moment I am struggling, I am changing and shifting my energy.

Hope you find this helpful during the Holiday Season, or year round really. I know that I need constant reminders for myself to even check in and be mindful about how my mind, body, and spirit are doing.

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5 Simple Tips to Practice Gratitude as an Act of Self Care

5 Simple Tips to Practice Gratitude as an Act of Self Care

Did you know that your mind could only hold one thought at a time? This is why I feel gratitude is a great act of self care because it helps shift your mindset and energy. I am a believer of “energy flows where the mind goes”- this goes with how the mind can only hold one thought at a time. While you are focusing on gratitude of the experiences you are going through,  you are shifting your bodies energy and mindset. I can have a whole other blog about energy, but for now lets get back to practicing gratitude. It has been shown to improve physical health, mental health and enhance self esteem and resilience.

Have you ever practiced gratitude when feeling blah or like life is not fair? It’s hard right?

The past few days have been very challenging, I was in a funk. I felt blah, I had a lot of things going on at once, and most of all I felt disappointment and frustration. It was not an easy task to get out of this mindset. I tried to use all my self care tools that I had in my tool box: journaling, meditating, reiki, essential oils, running, yoga but none of those really shifted this blah feeling. Then I realized I needed to let myself feel it, instead of burying it- I cried, I vented, I let it out in order to let it go.

It was very challenging to feel grateful when I felt disappointment and frustration but I recited what I was grateful for anyway and focused my energy on these thoughts. I began to list the things I am grateful for from the small things to the larger. After doing this I felt a little better. Have you ever heard the saying “fake it til you make it?” So I continued, I recited what I was grateful for in my thoughts, on paper, out loud multiple times a day while using my young living essential oils and taking deep breathes -all of this was a form of self care. I tried being gentle with myself and allowing myself to feel these hard emotions without judgement. Practicing self care and mindfulness is like a muscle, it takes practice and consistency.

Here are 5 simple ways you can add gratitude to your self care routine: 

  1. Start and end your day with gratitude. This can be out loud, in your mind or written form.  Find a time that works for you and/ or incorporate it into something you already do. You could even do this while you are brushing your teeth. If this doesn’t work try to think of 3 things you are grateful for- you could use a post it note somewhere easily visible as a reminder. You could also use a gratitude rock as a visible reminder to practice gratitude if you do not want to use a post it note. I also find it therapeutic to hold the rock and roll it around in my hand while thinking of what I am grateful for.
  2. Have a gratitude journal/ jar or box. This will get you in the routine of practicing gratitude daily. Some prompts could be what did I do for myself today? What made me happy? or What am I grateful for experiencing? Notice something new that you are grateful for or try to list different things.
  3. Write a note of gratitude to someone. This could be as simple as a thank you for supporting me and helping me with my paper or as long as you like with details about all the reasons you are grateful for this person and how they impact your life or the lives of others.
  4. Gratitude reflection during a walk this can be anywhere from 2-5 minute walk to any longer length you feel fit. You can use this walk to disconnect from technology in order to be present in this moment. Take in how it feels to walk and observe all the sights, sounds and smells use all of your senses. While walking you can begin to think about and reflect on what you a grateful for. If you’d like some prompts you can start with what you are grateful for in the immediate environment of your walk, then move to individuals you are grateful for, finally moving inward to thoughts of what you are grateful for about yourself.
  5. Gratitude meditation is a visualization meditation of all you are grateful for. Find a comfortable seated position to start, and draw your attention to your breathing and then take in some deep breathes with your eyes closed. You do not need to clear your mind, you just want to focus your mind. If your mind wanders acknowledge that and bring it back to what you are feeling grateful for. During this meditation you can show gratitude to things like your health, ability to breathe, legs and feet for walking and movement, sense of touch and feeling, vision for seeing, etc. You can also show gratitude for people, animals, and things in your life. When meditating and focusing on the gratitude of each, be sure to pause to really focus on it before moving on to the next.


Self Care and Mindful Stress Management on Social Media

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share some new places you can find me. I created a new Facebook page for Self Care and Mindful Stress Management. This is a place where we can share simple tips and ticks as well as empower each other to take our health and wellness into our own hands. I also have been posting on Instagram. Please feel free to take a look. I appreciate all of the support! ❤ 22728669_612547472469440_2083462988475507807_n

3 Simple tips for Starting Self Care

Wow. It has been awhile since I have last blogged. So many transitions have happened since then.

I have taken the semester off from grad school in order to focus on myself and my well being. I was extremely stressed and wasn’t taking care of my health. Grad school is no joke and it was very hard for me to balance and juggle working an ABA job, being an entrepreneur, going to grad school, wedding planning and managing everything else. Though it was a hard decision to make, I am so happy I did it. I have learned so much from it including how to honor myself and what I need through self care. I did not want to fall into the glorified state of being “busy.” I wanted to live a full and meaningful life of things that I love doing. I needed to learn how to manage my time.

Another thing that has changed is that in July I became Reiki certified and am now a Reiki practitioner. Learning about energy healing, chakras, essential oils and other holistic modalities has been life changing. I am and will continue to work on my personal and spiritual growth and bettering myself. Of course, these will be on going life lessons.

Self Care isn’t meant to be a one time thing, it is a practice. These are just some suggestions, take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. 🙂 Life isn’t a one size fits all, different things work for different people. If one thing doesn’t work don’t give up, try something different until you find what is right for you.

Self Care Tips:

  1. Find out what you like. What brings you joy? Personally, I love playing with my doggy, that makes me happy and when I am stressed or had a bad day nothing is better than playing with him. It brings me back to the present moment.
  2. Start by adding 2-5 minutes of self care to your daily routine. Something you look forward to (You can slowly start to increase these self care practices in duration and frequency as needed). Is this your morning coffee and breakfast by yourself or with your loved ones? Do you look forward to taking walking breaks at work? Meditating? Stretching? Some days I just need to read a book or watch a show to unwind.
  3. Slow down and listen to your instinct/ intuition/ gut feelings. Take a moment, pause and think about what you need at this moment. Is it water? Is it sleep? Exercise? Do you need someone to talk to? Maybe it is quiet time in nature? A massage? Reiki? Ask yourself, if I engage in this activity/ behavior will my future self thank me?

I am working on building a community where we can share tips and tricks for self care and mindful stress management. If you are interested please join my new Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LearntheEssentialsWithRhonalyn/

I get to call this work: learning about Young Living’s Mineral Make up


Right now as I reflect I am Feeling so blessed! Thank you @dragonflyandspruce and @myjoannamalone for today’s opportunity to learn more about Savvy Minerals by Young Living’s new mineral make up line! So many benefits to moving towards preventative care and removing yucky chemicals from my life style. I am loving this journey I am on with you all towards health, wellness and abundance. 😍❤ I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to call this work! To love what I do and be able to intertwine what I am learning in order to help myself, my family and friends and to just help people. There is so much synchronicity going on between grad school, aba work and the oily work I am doing.

Digging a little deeper…

The past couple of weeks I have been going through roller coasters of emotions. Even though I KNOW I am on the right path and doing the right things I have been feeling so overwhelmed and at times paralyzed with my anxiety and depression. Between juggling grad school, working my ABA job and working as an entrepreneur with Young Living/ blogging/ and the realm of holistic healing it has been A LOT. The past few days I have been connecting with some special and important people in my life and it has been so healing! During these times of stress I make sure to up my selfcare and taking time to learn about Young Living mineral make up, get my make up done and connect with these ladies has been a form of self care (education so I can remove unhealthy chemicals from my lifestyle) even though it’s “work”. Though it’s hard I know it’s worth it. I love my support system and the folks in my life.

Growing Pains and Synchronicity

Growing Pains and Synchronicity.pngJust when you think you’ve got things figured out life throws you a curve ball. I’ve been in my graduate program since Summer 2015 at Florida Institute of Technology and I thought I had their format down. That is until I recently began their Stage II coursework for my last year of the grad program. YIKES! I thought I prepared for this… by taking steps to decrease my ABA work load by stepping down from a management position to a therapist position and immediately jumping into it part time with a different agency(with hopes of gaining full time 30 hours). I even took a month break, the calm before the storm if you will…. WOW How I was wrong.

This first month has been a huge adjustment! And I know I loved the term growing pains, especially at every transition in my life from graduating high school, starting undergrad, taking a break from undergrad both, going back to undergrad and finishing my B.A, to starting work full time to finding out my passion of ABA and jumping into the grad program to now transitioning to part time ABA works part time Oily work (essential oils) and Full time Grad School. Just academia alone has so many challenges, twists and turns and adjustments to grow into. This isn’t even including relationships with people both platonic and romantically and all my personal hurdles with dealing with grief and loss of loved ones.

Everything is synchronicity. I truly believe that things happen at the right time and moment- of course we have to be proactive to get to those moments and cannot expect to just sit around and have it come. I have been a spiritual seeker and have taken paths that strayed away from my spiritual practices of praying, meditating and other forms of self care like yoga, journaling, jogging and was distracted by filling my time with this and staying busy. But it is back in full force!

Let me tell you that during all of those “growing pains” it was because my “why” changed! Who I am was changing, I will continue to change and transform. Just as the caterpillar evolves to a butterfly each transition in my life goes through major transformations.

Can I just circle back to synchronicity for a bit? Remember I mentioned my Oily work. Well that in it self is full of personal and spiritual growth with finding my “why”. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who inspire me to do scary sh*t, to be vulnerable to do things that will be challenging to help me grow and thus help my oily business grow. To continue to find those inspiring self help podcasts, books, videos as well as surrounding myself around people who lift me up and challenge me to grow and evolve.

I’d like to be vulnerable with you all reading this for a minute, as vulnerable as I was in last nights class/ group supervision meeting. I broke down in tears in front of my colleagues, my mentor/ professor- I admitted that this was harder than I thought it would be (grad school). That my adjusting to things has been bumpy and some days I want to curl up and hide under a rock. This was real. It was my honest truth. It was full raw emotions-most being released through tears and words. They did not laugh at me or bring me down, no in fact my professor took time to really talk about what IS NOT talked about or explained to many people in grad school. He said that “yes, this will be one of the hardest years of your life and you will feel tired and not sleep enough but you will get through it.” He encouraged us to share about where we were and I am so fortunate that he talked about how in these hard times what will really help us is making those connections with people who get it, who understand what I am going through, who have been there before. Again synchronicity. This is so true, that no matter what part of our lives we are in we need a support system. We need people to lean on. We need to be VULNERABLE and ask for help, to say it’s hard but to also be able to get back up again and say BUT I CAN DO THIS! and to see that people HAVE done this and that people ARE doing this. WOW my mind is blown by all of the synchronicity between what I have learned between my oily tribe and now my aba support system.

My classmate even chimed in about the “why” and how we have to remember “why” we are doing this: How this is bigger than us. That we are here to help people. BOOM Synchronicity AGAIN! I am so blessed to be where I am and to be surrounded by so many different circles of people and communities that lift me up. My “why” will continue to change but right now my “why” is to continue growing and learning in order to help people in the best way possible. Between sharing essentail oils, mindfulness tips, life skills tips, and aba – behavior tips. I am here to serve the people while doing what I love and thus supporting myself and my family.

If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to dialogue and talk more I am here! I am around through email and social media platforms. All you have to do is step outside of your comfort zone and reach out like I did.

Thank you all! for reading this post and hearing me out as I process this wonderful journey!


I would like to add before writing this post I took time to wake up early and practice yoga (Yoga with Adriene). I used my oils (Young Living blends Abundance and Awaken- topically and taking 3 deep breaths of it). I am practicing what I want and changing my behaviors to nourish my body, mind and spirit.