ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

What is it? Part I

I am in love with ABA! Which makes sense because I am in graduate school right now pursuing my Masters in Professional Behavior Analysis from FIT.

What is ABA? Many may not have been exposed to ABA unless they are in the field, in education or know someone who has ABA therapy/ works in the field.

ABA- Is a scientific approach for discovering environmental variables that reliably influence socially significant behavior and for developing a technology of behavior change that takes practical advantage of those discoveries.

Definition taken from the Cooper Book: Applied Behavior Analysis Second Edition

What does this mean without all the jargon??????

It means ABA is the science of behavior change and how we apply its procedures, methods, and technologies to make significant behavioral changes in society.

If an organism has behavior ABA can change it! Have you heard of behavior change? behavior modification? Maybe you’ve heard of it from psychology class. B.F. Skinner did studies on teaching animals different behaviors such as pigeons to play ping pong and rats to pull levers or Pavlov’s dogs, the ringing of the bell and how they were trained to drool.

Where can we find ABA being used today?

I first heard of ABA when looking into the field of special needs and Autism. I heard of ABA therapy being used to help people who have Autism but there are many other areas that ABA is used for! ABA can be found in Organizational Behavior Management in corporations and the work environment. It can be found in the hospital for Brain trauma, training animals, in therapy offices with ACT Therapy, early intervention, health and exercise, substance abuse  and much more. You get the idea 🙂


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