Youngliving Seed to Seal

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. That is both exciting and scary because not all essential oils are made with the same quality. Next time you are at a store that carries essential oils take a look at the label. A close look at the label. Does it say synthetic or fragrance? If so that is a red flag that it is not high quality and can still have harmful ingredients in it that you don’t want going into your body Β does the label say only for aromatic use?

I choose young living because they fall under the French aroma therapy school of thought and essential oils can also be used topically. If I cannot put the essential oil safely on topically as direct from the label then I personally do not want to inhale it.Β I also chose and use youngliving essential oils because of their seed to seal process. I know what they are putting in and getting out. They also have an open farm policy where you can take tours of their farms and see the distilling process.


Take me a look at the link to their website to learn more details of seed to seal. πŸ™‚

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