Yoga with Adriene

Check out her YouTube channel


Practicing yoga and mindfulness today with YouTube channel yoga with Adriene. She has many different yoga videos you can use for your practice. Right now I am following her #yogarevolution series which is 31 days.


During my yoga practice I always pick an oil to diffuse and wear. Today the theme happened to be Practicing Opening. I asked myself which oils spoke to me and Egyptian Gold and Helichrysum are what I chose. I am diffusing Egyptian Gold a YL blend and an wearing Helichrysum.


Egyptian Gold is a blend known for its biblical oils to enhance moments of devotion and reverence supporting spiritual awareness and immunity. Helichrysum is a single oil that is known for its cleansing, protecting properties plus more. I have been given this oil by my wonderful upline to help release blocks that do not serve me. This information can be found in a great app called the EO Bar.

Compared to the rest of the world our weather is mild. because I live in San Diego and am not use to the rain so I give myself a little extra loving kindness on rainy days to lift my spirit and mood. ❤


thanks for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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