Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Spiritual Self and Environment

It is that time of year when people come out of hibernation. Spring is in the air! Take a look around seasonal changes are happening all around us. Here are some easy steps to spring clean your spiritual self and environment- a 3 part series.

Time to freshen up our spiritual self and environment. Let’s start with our home and our immediate environment.3partseries




Home and Environment Tips

  1. Declutter: Go through your closet/ your home. Take a look at all the things you have. If you are sorting through clothes ask yourself when was the last time i wore this? Do i love it? And if not you can Thank it and let it go. You can also sort it into three piles: keep/ maybe/ donate. This will also help you declutter your home with things that no longer serve you. Out with what does not serve you to make space for the new.
  2. Deep clean your home! Dust, vacuum, move furniture around to get under and around things! You don’t want to let the energy in your home get stagnate.Use chemical free cleaners. This will help raise the vibration of the house. In our homes we have swapped out many cleaners with just the one Young Living Thieves Cleaner and essential oils. I also add vinegar or baking soda to the Thieve cleaner for heavy duty cleaning or for vacuuming or mopping.
  3. Cleanse your home and yourself by smudging with Sage, Palo Santo or whatever you feel drawn to use to cleanse your space. Also, utilizing therapeutic grade essential oils, like the Brand Young Living, will clean and uplift the energy in your home so you can attract the people and experiences that are for your highest good. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water (or holy water) and add a few drops of either Palo Santo, Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir or Fennel Essential oil (I have found that Young Living Essential Oils have a higher vibration and yield better results). Spray throughout your house and don’t forget the corners and behind doors, this is often where energy gets stagnant.
  4. Plants are great to have in and around your home. Plants help to detoxify the air in your home and promote a harmonious environment. They can also add to the add vibrant colors and energy. Water the plants as recommended per plant and if there are any dead leaves remove immediately. To increase the vitality and longevity of your plants, you can supplement them with Young Living’s Essential Oil blend Purification.
  5. Crystals! Crystals defuse the light from the sun and project it into your home. Hang your crystal(s) in your window and when you open your curtains, you will be able to see how the crystal disperses light into the room. I would suggest a lighter color crystal so it could catch the sunlight and diffuse it throughout the house.
  6. Maintaining airflow in your home is a must. Having a diffuser or fan on keeps the flow of positive energy on going in your home. I would highly suggest you open up your windows every morning to allow the air to flow in. Air is an essential life force and this is one of the most important things to do to for your home.


Stay tuned for Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Spiritual Self and Environment Series 2: Body 


About our visiting writer/ collaborator Arlene:

Hello Beautiful People! I’m so happy to be here with Rhona sharing tips, techniques and tools to Spring Cleaning your environment and most importantly, yourself!

But first, a little about me.

I am 100% a Southern California girl. I take advantage of the sunshine we have here and I’m outside in nature most days. I love learning and I’m always up for learning anything new. I really enjoy teaching people how to develop themselves spiritually, professionally and personally. I have had a passion for seeing people have healthy and harmonious relationships since I was very young. I can remember helping my friends resolve their conflicts and then one by one, my peers would come to me to seek guidance and resolutions to their conflicts.

I have done tons of research on what techniques are most effective in helping to foster healthy relationships. This will be an ongoing research for me as I have seen no 2 relationships are the same. My goal is to make our world a little more healthier, peaceful and happier because I have felt the suffering and struggles of others. I’ve felt other people’s pain so crystal clear as if it were my own, it triggered me to be the person I am today. I do believe one person has the potential to change the whole world. Just like one domino falling and triggering a chain reaction or one drop in the ocean can ripple out causing a shift in the entire ocean. I still have so much hope for our world and I just know that one person can spark something and change the whole world for the better.

I look forward to helping as many people as I can and hopefully I will get to meet you. If I only help one person, then I hope I have helped to spark that person to ripple out what we need in our world most and that is a fierce and compassionate love for all people. You can contact me at www.essentialslifeliving.com and I’d love to connect with you. Hope you have a blessed day filled with lots of people, places and experiences that make you smile.

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