Yoga with Adriene

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Practicing yoga and mindfulness today with YouTube channel yoga with Adriene. She has many different yoga videos you can use for your practice. Right now I am following her #yogarevolution series which is 31 days.


During my yoga practice I always pick an oil to diffuse and wear. Today the theme happened to be Practicing Opening. I asked myself which oils spoke to me and Egyptian Gold and Helichrysum are what I chose. I am diffusing Egyptian Gold a YL blend and an wearing Helichrysum.


Egyptian Gold is a blend known for its biblical oils to enhance moments of devotion and reverence supporting spiritual awareness and immunity. Helichrysum is a single oil that is known for its cleansing, protecting properties plus more. I have been given this oil by my wonderful upline to help release blocks that do not serve me. This information can be found in a great app called the EO Bar.

Compared to the rest of the world our weather is mild. because I live in San Diego and am not use to the rain so I give myself a little extra loving kindness on rainy days to lift my spirit and mood. ❤


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ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

What is it? Part I

I am in love with ABA! Which makes sense because I am in graduate school right now pursuing my Masters in Professional Behavior Analysis from FIT.

What is ABA? Many may not have been exposed to ABA unless they are in the field, in education or know someone who has ABA therapy/ works in the field.

ABA- Is a scientific approach for discovering environmental variables that reliably influence socially significant behavior and for developing a technology of behavior change that takes practical advantage of those discoveries.

Definition taken from the Cooper Book: Applied Behavior Analysis Second Edition

What does this mean without all the jargon??????

It means ABA is the science of behavior change and how we apply its procedures, methods, and technologies to make significant behavioral changes in society.

If an organism has behavior ABA can change it! Have you heard of behavior change? behavior modification? Maybe you’ve heard of it from psychology class. B.F. Skinner did studies on teaching animals different behaviors such as pigeons to play ping pong and rats to pull levers or Pavlov’s dogs, the ringing of the bell and how they were trained to drool.

Where can we find ABA being used today?

I first heard of ABA when looking into the field of special needs and Autism. I heard of ABA therapy being used to help people who have Autism but there are many other areas that ABA is used for! ABA can be found in Organizational Behavior Management in corporations and the work environment. It can be found in the hospital for Brain trauma, training animals, in therapy offices with ACT Therapy, early intervention, health and exercise, substance abuse  and much more. You get the idea 🙂


Youngliving Seed to Seal

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. That is both exciting and scary because not all essential oils are made with the same quality. Next time you are at a store that carries essential oils take a look at the label. A close look at the label. Does it say synthetic or fragrance? If so that is a red flag that it is not high quality and can still have harmful ingredients in it that you don’t want going into your body  does the label say only for aromatic use?

I choose young living because they fall under the French aroma therapy school of thought and essential oils can also be used topically. If I cannot put the essential oil safely on topically as direct from the label then I personally do not want to inhale it. I also chose and use youngliving essential oils because of their seed to seal process. I know what they are putting in and getting out. They also have an open farm policy where you can take tours of their farms and see the distilling process.


Take me a look at the link to their website to learn more details of seed to seal. 🙂


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I have been putting off adding content to this site because I have not had a website/ blog in years.  Sure, I am familiar with social media I’ve got FB, Twitter, IG but this feels different. Yesterday I was finally encouraged to do scary sh*t and push myself outside of my comfort zone. So here I am! Stay tuned to peak into my life and learn how I use essential oils, practice mindfulness and study and share more about ABA!

In the meantime enjoy this photo of my little family (fiancé, and pup)